Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Written by Jane Yolen, Cover Illustration by Ruth Sanderson

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janeyolen said...

I was incredibly honored to be asked to be one of the three Guests of Honor at the Glasgow SF World Con. That's the largest science fiction convention in the world, a moveable feast, held summer 2005 in Scotland. Part of the perks of being a World Con GOH, is that the convention produces a book of one's work--in my case stories, poems, and essays (with an Intro by Anne McCaffrey!) NESFA Press--the New England SF Assn--took on the job for the convention with the redoubtable Priscilla Olson heading up the team as editor. We discussed a variety of work, and the final count is 80+ pieces.

The cover is exquisite, a painting by Ruth Sanderson, which she showed me at a signing we attended together several months ago. All of the stories and essays are reprints, though a number of them are quite difficult to find. About four or five poems are having their first printing in this book, including one I wrote while at the Myth conference in Atlanta last year and the poem I wrote for the Michelson gallery opening this year. It was listed in Locus Magazine as New and Notable, which is an honor.

It just got a starred review in Library Journal.